Psar Kraoum Market - Khon Sakhon The - food shop

This market area is about a kilometer south from the traffic circle at the bottom of Sivatha Boulevard (next to the river). The main part of the market is off the road but the food stands are in the area that is directly on Psar Kraoum Road, not far from the Capitol Bus company office. If you are on the Angkor Night Market Street you can just go straight south (towards the lake) until you get to the market. There are many stands next to the road that sell various foods in plastic bags and foam-containers for take-out.


Khon Sakhon The's food shop at Psar Kraoum Market has become one of my favorite restaurants in Siem Reap. Over the years I have eaten at many restaurants in Siem Reap, some of them very expensive and very highly rated in international travel magazines and websites. Khon Sakhon The serves food in her small shop that is as good or better than those highly regarded restaurants, and at a very low price. The daily selection of food is prepared fresh for one meal in the middle of the day and is served from around 11 AM to 3 PM (or when the food runs out).

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Prasat Chrong (Corner Temples) - top of Angkor Thom city wall

Constructed when: late 12th to early 13th century
Constructed by: King Jayavarman VII
Religion: Buddhism
Architectural style: Bayon
Location: Angkor Thom, four points of the compass, surrounded by a moat.

The wall is approximately 3 Kilometers at each side, 8 meters high and has five gates. One gate at each point of the compass and a second gate (the Victory Gate) on the East side. The four corners of the wall contain a Prasat Chrong (a corner temple).


Angkor Road - Photo Expeditions

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3 Country - 15 Day Angkor Road Expedition - Cambodia - Thailand - Laos

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Angkor Road Photo Expeditions and Workshops:

3 Country - 15 Day Angkor Road Expedition - Cambodia - Thailand - Laos
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Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok

Bangkok to Siem Reap - by plane, train, bus, taxi, and by boat, are the choices. Although taking this trip by land can be a test of your patience and your love for all mankind, you will eventually get there. The flight out of Bangkok and arrival in Siem Reap is expensive, short, smooth and uneventful.

By plane

Bangkok Air at Siem Reap Airport

Siem Reap - Angkor International Airport (IATA: REP | ICAO: VDSR) is the second largest airport in Cambodia.

The following airlines operate service to/from Angkor International Airport:

AirAsia (Kuala Lumpur), Asiana Airlines (Seoul-Incheon), Bangkok Airways (Bangkok), Cambodia Angkor Air (Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh), China Eastern Airlines (Kunming, Nanning), China Southern Airlines (Guangzhou), Jetstar Asia (Singapore), Korean Air (Seoul-Incheon), Lao Airlines (Luang Prabang), Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur), Silk Air (Da Nang, Singapore), and Vietnam Airlines (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Luang Prabang).

The airport is less than 15 minutes from the town centre by taxi ($10) or motodop ($5). If you have an advance booking in a hotel, ask the hotel for a free airport pickup (in one of their tuk-tuks).

There are separate terminals for international and domestic flights. International departure tax is a steep $25, or $13 for children, payable after check-in and before clearing immigration. Note that usually this must be paid in cash because the credit card facility is unreliable, so have cash with you. Domestic departure tax to Phnom Penh is $6.

Thai-Transport – direct bus service from Bangkok to Siem Reap

2015 (August) Update: I have finally taken the Thai Transport bus from Siem Reap (Sivatha Road) to Bangkok (Morchit Bus Station) and even took my bicycle on the bus with me. It was a fairly painless experience. You do have to get off the bus with all your luggage and clear both Cambodian and Thai immigration by yourself, but the bus does go through the border and waits for you on the other side. In Bangkok I took a Tuk-Tuk from Morchit

Thai Transport bus in Siem Reap

My bicycle in the luggage compartment.

Bangkok – transporting the bike by tuk-tuk

More information at - Bangkok to Siem Reap

Where to Stay - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh - Battambang - Bangkok

Exploring the top of the Angkor Thom City Wall

My bicycle on top of the Angkor Thom City Wall at the North Gate.

Link to Angkor Thom City

Link to Angkor Thom Photo Gallery

It is possible to travel along the top of the Angkor Thom City Wall by either walking or using a bicycle. Local people also use motorcycles, but since there are breaks in the wall (and you will have to either turn around or climb the break) this is not really recommended. The city is perfectly square and each side is 3 kilometres long so the total distance is 12 kilometres.

There are five Angkor Thom City Gates - South, North, East, West, and the Victory Gate which is also on the eastern wall of the city. At each Gate it is necessary to descend to the ground level and cross over to the other side of the Gate to continue the journey.

Angkor Thom, East Gate, Siem Reap
East Gate entrance to Angkor Thom - George Mann Photo - September 2014

There are also four Prasat Chrung (corner temples) at the four corners of the city. Since each one of the gates and corner temples are interesting places to stop (and photograph), the journey is easy (unless there is a new break in the wall) and enjoyable. Most of the breaks in the wall have detours that are fairly easy to navigate, but there are places where you will have to use either a makeshift bridge (walk your bike) or carry your bike down into and back out of a gully.

I strongly recommend that you make sure to carry an extra supply of water, and unless you feel very comfortable traveling alone in the jungle, a friend or two for company. I also recommend that you wear a hat, long pants and long sleeve shirt, because the trail is narrow and the bushes and trees are very persistent in their efforts to reclaim the jungle. Thorns of all sorts have a habit of coming at you from all directions.

Prasat Chrong - North-West

The South Gate, which is the closest to Angkor Wat and the first Gate that most visitors to Angkor Thom will see, it is also the best place from which to start exploring the City Wall.

The best place to start, is the path from the South Gate to the Prasat Chrong (currently being renovated) at the South-East corner of the City Wall - from there you can continue on to the East Gate (a short ride since it is in-between the South-East Prasat Chrong and the Victory Gate), and then either ride on the East Gate or ride west to the Bayon Temple.

Prasat Chrong - Corner Temples