Prasat Chrong (Corner Temples) of the City Wall of Angkor Thom

Constructed when: late 12th to early 13th century
Constructed by: King Jayavarman VII
Religion: Buddhism
Architectural style: Bayon
Location: Angkor Thom, four points of the compass, surrounded by a moat.

The wall is approximately 3 Kilometers at each side, 8 meters high and has five gates. One gate at each point of the compass and a second gate (the Victory Gate) on the East side. The four corners of the wall contain a Prasat Chrong (a corner temple).

Prasat Chrong - Southeast

Easy location to reach from the South Gate or East Gate, by bicycle or walking. This temple site was restored in 2015 and workers are still working on the trail from the South Gate, but the site still sees very few visitors. The last person I saw on this trail was actually a person I know from Siem Reap, but had not met in two years.

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Prasat Chrong - Southwest

Easy location to reach from the South Gate and is popular with Cambodian students and family groups on weekends. During the week you will occasionally come across tourists on mountain bike tours (usually riding too fast to actually see anything), or a local worker on a motorcycle.

This site can also be accessed from the West Gate but there are several breaks in the wall that will require either carrying your bicycle up and down the break, or taking a detour on a narrow jungle path.


Prasat Chrong - Northeast

Access is easy from the East Gate, but fairly difficult from the West Gate because of collapsed wall areas. This site is less manicured than the other Prasat Chrong, but that can always change. Photographically very interesting (unless someone decides to restore it).


Beautifully overgrown Lintle at Northeast Prasat Chrong


Deavata (temple guardian) at Northeast Prasat Chrong

Prasat Chrong - Northwest

A well maintained temple site with over 30 stone carvings of devote (female temple guardians), in various states of deterioration. The site is well maintained, down a very beautiful path from the West Gate, with very little evidence of use, but the only people I have ever come across at this site was a work crew, that was repairing a collapsed wall. The path from the temple site to the North Gate is also very beautiful, but does have a few breaks in the wall, that require a short trip through the jungle.


The Northwest Prasat Chrong


The path from the West Gate to the Northwest Prasat Chrong


Devata at Northwest Prasat Chrong