Angkor Road

Entrance to the East Gate of Angkor Thom - George Mann Photo - September of 2014

Angkor Park - Group Photo Tour & Workshop

Available only within 15 Kilometers of Siem Reap.

Fee - $99 per day for one person, plus $99 per additional person (maximum 5 persons).

No minimum number of people are required and you may be the only participant, but there will never be more than 5 people in the group.

All transportation will have to be paid for by the group participants, Tuk-Tuks which can hold a maximum of three foreigners (or six locals) are available for US$ 15 for the day. We will meet at a pre-designated location in the Old Market district of Siem Reap and travel as a group to the Angkor Park.

BEST PRICE OFFER – NOW ONLY $99 pp/pd – (September 2014 to February 2015)

Prasat Chrung - Devata
Small Group Photography Workshops – Angkor Temples – Siem Reap, Cambodia

In addition to my Private Photo Tours & Workshops, I am now also offering Small Group Photo Tours & Workshops, in the immediate area around Siem Reap.

Small Group Photography Workshop Fee – US$ 99 per person, per day (maximum 5 persons) (approx. 8 hours)

No minimum number of persons required, if you are the only one to book for that day, the tour and workshop is still on.

6 AM to 12 AM (6 hours) – Photography in the Angkor Thom area of the Angkor Archaeological Park

Main Photography Sites – Angkor Thom (including the Bayon and the City Gates), Preah Khan, Ta Prohm, and Angkor Wat

12 Noon to 1 PM – stop for Lunch

1 PM to 3 PM (2 hours) – Digital Workflow Workshop – we will review your images and discuss how to improve them through various shooting and processing techniques. This workshop will be held in a coffee shop type setting with air conditioning and wi-fi available.

Digital Workflow Workshop – my personal shooting and processing secrets revealed. To get the most out of this part of the day, please bring a laptop, pre-loaded with Adobe Lightroom, your camera should also have the ability to shoot in RAW format.

Included: George Mann is available for photographic workflow assistance at all times. Once you have booked your workshop, I will send the exact details on where we will meet, transport options, what to wear, camera gear you should bring (and what not to bring), and other details.

Not included: Hotel, meals, transportation, Angkor Temple Pass (US$20 for one day, US$40 for three days, US$70 for one week). Transportation can be arranged for you, but Tuk-Tuks can be hired anywhere in Siem Reap for US$15 per day. Transportation Options – Tuk-Tuks, cars, SUVs and Mini-Vans.

Photography Workshop Fee for one person – US$ 99 per day

Photography Workshop Fee for two persons – US$ 198 per day

A deposit of US$ 49 per person/per day is required to reserve a date for your Photography Workshop

Please contact me with your desired Photography Workshop dates and number of people in your group and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the deposit. Thank you George – Please contact

Elephant, Angkor Thom

Optional Fees & Expenses:

Vehicle & Driver - Many vehicle options available, but best quality mini-van or SUV will cost from $100 to 200 per day

Local Tour Guide - Available for from $35 per day (8 hours) (necessary for remote locations)

Drinks & Snacks - Necessary to keep up your strength (average $10 per person, per day)

Lunch next to Angkor Wat - $10 to $15 per person (cheaper food available but not recommended)

Temple passes - $20 for 1 day, $40 for 3 days, $60 for 7 days (per person)

Private Boat Tour on Tonle Sap - from $400 and up (depends upon time of year and other factors)

Extra charges - Drivers and tour guides will charge extra for sunrise and sunset service, and long hours.

Please contact George Mann for more information -