Siem Reap Bars & Night Clubs

Most of the bars and pubs are in the Pub street area of Siem Reap, but there are of course more scattered around town, with the bigger hotels playing host to quite a few.

Angkor What? Bar - Pub Street - 5:00 am to very late
Located in the middle of Pub Street, the place where everything happens after dark in Siem Reap. The ambience is part Berlin Wall, at the moment it was coming down, and part Post-Apocalypse in South East Asia. This is a great bar if you feel like getting hammered without anybody even noticing.

Blue Wave Club - Achamean Street - 6:00 pm to 2:00 am
Hostess bar, television for sports and movies, private rooms available.
I will have to wait for rich friend to visit, before I can make a report.

The Elephant Bar - Raffles Grand Hotel - 4:00 pm to midnight.
I am going to have to work on putting together a group of long time expat friends that wants to become regulars here.

The Explorateur Bar - Victoria Angkor Hotel - Friday night live music
This place has a nice atmosphere and I have been told they have really good hamburgers.

FCC Angkor Bar - FCC Angkor Hotel - 7:00 am to midnight
Unfortunately kind of stuffy, with a lot of smiling employees that don't seem to know what to do next. The bar really is at a nice location on the Siem Reap River though. When I have guests from out of town, I do not even hesitate for even a moment, to take them here for a few drinks. I do wish that there was some way to make this a real Foreign Correspondents Club though. If it really was a meeting place for journalists and photographers, I would probably make an effort to be there more often.

Island Bar - Angkor Night Market - 4:00 pm to late - backpacker bar

Linga Bar - The Passage - 11:00 am to late
Siem Reap's first and foremost gay friendly bar. That is what I have been told anyway.

Mikey's Bar - Sivatha Boulevard - 5:00 pm to late
The location is easy to find as it is directly opposite the end of Pub Street where it meets Sivatha Blvd. I kind of like this place, the staff is real efficient and nice and the nachos are pretty good. The regulars are also a fairly friendly crowd of mixed nationalities expats. I haven't spent much time there yet, but I am sure that I will be visiting this bar again.

Miss Wong - The Lane -
Old Chinatown style cocktail lounge. Looks nice but it’s really not my kind of scene.

Molly Malone's - Pub Street (west) - 7:00 am to midnight
Irish pub and guest house. Sometimes there is live music.

Sports Bar - Alley West - 5:00 pm to late
UK expat hangout, live European football and Formula 1 on multiple TV monitors.
If you are hungry, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs are BBQ'd on a small grill in front of the bar, but the process is kind of slow. Conversation in this bar has always been difficult for me, because even though I have visited a number of times over the last five or six years, nobody ever remembers me or believes that that I actually live in Siem Reap. It seems that since I always carry a camera with me, I must be a tourist.

Temple Club - Pub Street - 7:00 am to very late
Very popular (Lonely Planet recommended) club, mixed crowd of locals and expats.
As I have mentioned before, this place gets going way past my regular bed-time, but I have heard that it is a lot of fun.