2010 Angkor Photo Festival

Date: November 20 to 27, 2010 - Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

This months event will be the 6th edition of the Angkor Photo Festival. Created in 2006, the Angkor Photo Festival is the first such event to be organized in South East Asia. Each year, the week long festival showcases exhibitions and outdoor slides by celebrating international; and emerging Asian photographer's works in Siem Reap. The temples of Angkor become a hub that draws both famous and passionate photographers from around the world in a creativity and sharing spirit.

The strong educational goals of the Angkor Photo Festival set it apart from other photography events. During their stay, famous photographers tutor Angkor Photo Workshops for emerging Asian photographers and the festival also presents its outreach programs Anjali Children's Photo Workshops.

For the festival's 2010 program, 110 photographers, including 50 Asian photographers, will present their works photographed around the world. This is consistent with the festival's mission of highlighting emerging Southeast Asian photographers. These works are curated by two well-known figures in photography, Yumi Goto and Antoine d'Agate, as well as Francoise Callier (Program Director of the Angkor Photo Festival).

All events at the festival are entirely free of charge.

Angkor Photo Festival - Indoor Exhibitions

Angkor Photo Gallery - A. K. Kimoto, Mohamed Camara, Sinxay Thavixay, Ya Sengly

McDermott Gallery - Michel Kirch, Zalmai / UNHCR

Art Lounge / Hotel de la Paix - Paolo Patrizi, Sokdam / Anjali House

Angkor Hospital for Children - Anjali Photo Workshop 2008-2009

Blue Pumpkin - Giacomo Brunelli

Angkor Photo Festival - Outdoor Exhibitions

The Raffles Garden - Hare Silvester / Rapho

Old Market Bridge - John Stanmeyer / VII

FCC Angkor - Riva Press

Bopha Angkor Hotel's Terrace - Sophal / Anjali House

For more Angkor Photo Festival information: http://www.angkor-photo.com

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