On the Road to Angkor Wat

The Bangkok to Angkor land route is no longer the backbreaking nightmare it once was, but it is still full of pitfalls you should be aware of before you jump on that bus in Kaosarn Road. The biggest obstacle on the way is the Aranyaphrathet - Poipet border crossing, which is also not as unpleasant and corrupt as it once was but there are still plenty of small scams on both sides of the border, as well as in between.

How do I get from Bangkok to Angkor Wat? That is the question most often asked in the Guest Houses of Kaosan Road and Travel Agencies throughout the city of Bangkok.

The answer is relatively easy for those who just want to get there as quickly as possible, but not as easy for the truly adventurous who like to take the route less traveled and avoid airlines whenever possible, or those who are traveling on a very tight budget.

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You can fly directly from Bangkok to Siem Reap (Angkor). In only a little over an hour you can be transported from one of the most adrenalin charged, constantly hustling, shopping and nightlife obsessed cities of the world, to the edge of a majestic outcropping of ruins that is still largely in the clutches of the jungle, that it's ancient rulers and architects had once tamed, if only for a brief moment of it's entire history.

Flying directly is fairly expensive though for the short one hour flight (currently close to US $300.00 round-trip), so it encourages many travelers to find an alternative mode of transportation. In the future (when Bangkok Air loses it's monopoly on the route) the price of flying may become more reasonable.

THE EASY WAY - September 4, 2010 Update

Bangkok Airways - Bangkok's Suvarnaboumi Airport to the Siem Reap Airport. Either book a return flight ticket with Bangkok Airways or book your return flight with Siemreap Airways International in Siem Reap. Current (Sept. 4, 2010) round-trip Internet Booking fare - starting at 10,720 Baht (could go up or down any time).

Bangkok to Siem Reap flight schedule:

08:00 - PG 903 - Seven days a week
11:25 - PG 905 - Seven days a week
15:00 - PG 913 - Seven days a week
17:00 - PG 907 - Seven days a week
18:50 - PG 909 - Seven days a week

Air Asia (Thailand) - one flight per day from Suvarnaboumi Airport to Phnom Phen's Pochentong Airport

Current round-trip fare - 4,786 Baht (Internet price - Sept. 4, 2010). I only see one flight per day listed right now, FD 3616 - leaving BKK at 15:25. From Phnom Phen you have to take a 6 hour bus ride, or a 9 hour boat ride up the Tonle Sap River, to Siem Reap.

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For the second part of this story Traveling the Hard Way please go to the original story - Traveling to Angkor Wat - from Bangkok to Siem Reap.

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