Siem Reap Festivals & Events - 2011

Siem Reap has many holidays throughout the year, but even when there are no official holidays on the calendar there are many opportunities to celebrate and enjoy the local culture. After a long day of exploring the ruins of Angkor Wat you can always enjoy a traditional Khmer meal and Khmer Apsara dancing shows, available at many major hotels, restaurants and Traditional Khmer Dance Theaters. The Pub Street area of Siem Reap also has many lively entertainment and drinking venues that will allow you to wind down the evening hours or even keep going all night long if you so desire.

Handicrafts Fair
Angkor Handicrafts Fair - January 25 to 29

The Angkor Handicrafts Fair will be held at the River Garden, in front of the Raffles Grand Hotel D'Angkor. The number of stores is apparently limited to 50 and all items have to be 100% Khmer made handicrafts. It should be an interesting

Chinese New Year - February 3

Although it is technically a one day holiday, it is usually celebrated as a three day weekend and as it falls on a Thursday this year, I will guess that it will probably be a four day holiday. There will be lots of traffic on the roads, because everyone is out visiting family and friends. Paper versions of luxury goods, gold and money are also burned as offerings to the ancestors.

Valentines Day - February 14

What can I say, Valentines Day is a great opportunity for resort hotels to sell romantic holiday packages and meals. Universally accepted as a legitimate holiday for lovers to renew their vows and for horny young men to try and get lucky with the pretty girl living next door.

Khmer New Year - April 13 to 16
Khmer New Year (Chol Cham Thmey) is for many Cambodians the most important holiday of the year as it comes at the end of the harvest season and at the beginning of the rainy season. Many businesses are closed and basically everyone who can is on holiday and out to have fun.
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