Guru Mother Cafe


Sometimes the gods do smile down on us mere mortals. I have walked down Oum Khun Street many times, usually coming from the direction of the river (the street to the left of the Post Office), heading to some place on Sivatha Boulevard (like the Angkor Market or the Lucky Mall). I have actually intended to stop at this place many times before but for one reason or another never have. Today I wasn’t feeling very good (some sort of flu) and was in need of a good meal to make me feel better. The Guru Mother Cafe reminds me of some of the places I used to like eating at in Tokyo, back in the 1980s when I made frequent and sometimes extended trips to Japan.

So I walked up to the place and took a closer look. The $5.00 set meal looked like a good way for me to introduce myself to their cooking. I took a seat inside, ordered the daily special, and waited for my meal. Which according to the blackboard would be comprised of stir-fried pork & green beans, tofu simmered with spicy miso paste & minced pork, stir-fried vermicelli with thin sticks of pork & vegetables, miso soup, and rice.


The set meal at Guru Mother Cafe - $5.00

The food is cooked in an open kitchen with a bar counter around it. A soon as I placed my order I could hear and smell my food being prepared. As soon as the cook
started preparing the meal, I was transported back to Tokyo in my mind, I could smell the different spices and main ingredients coming together on the stove. I was happy even before the food arrived at my table and did not mind waiting for the meal to be prepared. When the meal did arrive I was overwhelmed by the aromas and at first did not know what to sample first.

Uncharacteristically I took a sip of the miso soup first and was pleasantly surprised that it not only had a very good taste but also contained a lot of vegetables, from that point forward I just dug in and did not stop eating until all the bowls where clean. The stir fried pork and green beans was thinly sliced and very tender with a mild curry spice (as advertised). The tofu in the spicy miso paste could have been a bit spicier for me, but still it was very good, I love tofu and combining it with pork is a win-win situation. The stir-fried vermicelli with pork and vegetables was a real surprise, this is not usually my favorite dish in Japanese restaurants but this one reminded me of the taste of the Thai dish Phoo Op Wunsen (Crab baked in Thai vermicelli noodles), which is a great favorite of mine.


Without going into further detail (until my next visit), let’s just say that I was very happy with my meal and will be going back for many more.

Guru Mother Cafe
Oum Khun Street
Close to the intersection of Sivatha Blvd. & Oum Khun Street
Small Japanese restaurant with a warm ambience and friendly service.
Exceptional meals prepared by the Japanese Owner/Chef
Daily set meal of three side dishes, rice and miso soup for $5.00