Maharajah Indian Restaurant

This is a Meat Tali from the Maharajah, it costs around $5, add a drink and some extra bread, and the bill easily comes to $10. I have had this or a similar dish quite it a few times over the last four years or so, but since it is always a few months before I go back, neither the staff or the owner ever seems to remember me.

Sometimes the food is pretty good and at other times I wish I had gone somewhere else to eat instead. I have to admit that I actually don't like eating from a stainless steel tray very much, or leaning my elbows on a plastic table covering (especially at this price). If they served food at the quality and price level of some of the places in Georgetown (Penang, Malaysia), I wouldn't really mind the (lack of) ambience at all, and would probably have a meal there every couple of days.

Tel - 063 966 221 / 092 506 622
Corner of Street 7 and The Lane
The most authentic Indian food I have had in Siem Reap so far.