Soria Moria - Fusion Kitchen

Exterior view of the Soria Moria - Fusion Kitchen on Wat Bo Road.

Interior of view of the Fusion Kitchen dining room. I visited close to 11am which is probably the main reason that I was the only customer.

Breakfast is served all day long and this is the largest and most expensive breakfast on the menu at $6.00, coffee is an additional $1.00 and there is no service charge or VAT tax applied on top of these charges, so this can be considered a $7.00 breakfast (I did leave a tip of course). The breakfast was worth the price (compared to other restaurants in Siem Reap), especially considering the air-conditioning and white table cloths.

Service was very good but I wouldn’t have minded a glass of water or a refill on the coffee (but this rarely happens in Siem Reap). There are a few things I would do different if I was cooking this breakfast, but that is mostly because I prefer the American version of this breakfast over this more British version, with real breakfast sausage and home fried or hash brown potatoes, and hopefully a better toast (this one was very dry and brittle). The small vegetable salad was a nice touch and did a good job of cutting the greasiness of the meal.

The main reason I visited this restaurant was because I was under the illusion that they served Scandinavian food, I love pickled herring and fried potatoes for breakfast. Unfortunately the only Scandinavian food I could find on the menu was Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes. I guess I will have to wait until my next trip to Bangkok to get my Scandinavian food fix.

Soria Moria - Fusion Kitchen
Tel - 063 964 768
Wat Bo Road. close to the Old market area but on the quiet side of the Siem Reap River
Air conditioned Asian-European Fusion restaurant on ground floor, plus rooftop bar and restaurant