Soup Dragon Restaurant

Soup Dragon - one of my favorite restaurants in Siem Reap for Asian and European cuisine in a comfortable setting with no pretense and reasonable prices. Good place to go eat with a large group of hungry people.

I had this variation of Vietnamese Pho breakfast for the first time recently (Dec. 2010) and it is incredible, this is not a soup but as the menu says “Stir rice noodles with pork or beef”. You can’t see it in the picture but the bottom of the bowl has a lot of vegetables, above them the rice noodles (like Thai Khanom Chine noodles) and then bean sprouts and in this case beef. You mix it all together and the taste is incredible, I will be going back for this breakfast many times. Cost is $1.75 for the bowl (7000 Riel) and the pot of green tea is $1.00, which makes for a $2.75 breakfast.

This is the Vietnamese Pho (noodle soup), you can make it as spicy or mild as you like. I have already added the assorted leaves, bean sprouts and chilis that I like, underneath this layer of greens there are meatballs and both pork and beef strips in a white rice noodle soup. The total cost of this breakfast, including a pot of green tea is $2.50, making it one of the best breakfast bargains in town. There are other places that are just as inexpensive but none that I have found to be quite this good.

I have had the Dragon Breakfast a few times at the Soup Dragon when I was really hungry, it is a very good deal at $4.00. Usually I order one of the Vietnamese Pho dishes from the Asian Breakfast menu though. Breakfast at the Soup Dragon is very popular with local expats and well-heeled Cambodian families (local business owners and tourists from Phnom Penh I assume), who all arrive in very shiny and expensive looking Toyota Lexus SUVs.

The Soup Dragon Breakfast Menu which is available until 10:30 AM on the ground floor.
After 10:30 AM the Vietnamese Pho noodle prices go up for the rest of the day.

Soup Dragon - Pub Street
One of my favorites for entertaining guests for large group dinners and also having a quiet breakfast by myself.
Also the best places in town for Vietnamese food, especially the Pho noodles breakfast.
This place is very popular but has seating on three floors so there is usually a table available.