Tomato Bar & Pizzeria

The Tomato Bar & Pizzeria is a relatively new entry on the restaurant and bar scene in Siem Reap. Located on Sivatha Boulevard, directly across the street from the Alley West entrance (and just a few blocks from Pub Street). The service is friendly, a free pool table is provided and old rock ’n’ roll on the sound system, making for a pretty authentic pizza joint experience. The owner and chef are Italian but any pizza lover from the US (or any other country) will feel right at home. The promotional $4.00 pizza and beer is a pretty good draw so I think the place should catch on pretty quickly. If you are visiting soon or live in Siem Reap, I recommend that you drop by before the promotion expires.

This is the current special - a pizza and draft beer (or soft drink) for $4.00. This is a great deal, especially for me since I love thin pizzas with minimal (but high quality) ingredients used for the topping. This is to me an ideal personal pizza. Larger and fancier pizzas are available from the menu, as is a full range of pasta dishes. I will be visiting this restaurant again very soon to try some of the pasta or maybe an anchovy pizza.

Tomato Bar & Pizzeria
Tel -
Sivatha Boulevard, across the street from the Alley West
A recent addition to the Siem Reap restaurant & bar scene.
Pool table, free beer or soft drink with every pizza order.