Clothing & Accessories Boutiques

The Alley West - extension south of the Pub Street Alley, the new 'in place' for small and quirky boutiques

The Alley West - 012 529 924
American fashion designer and owner - Elizabeth Kiester
Colorful dresses, accessories and shoes, manufactured in Siem Reap and distributed world wide.
Not the first foreign designer to call Siem Reap her home, but such a big success in the international press, that it has made the Alley West become the hip place to start a new boutique or small restaurant.

2 Thnou Street - lots of small stores and restaurants, from the Old Market to Sivatha Boulevard

Sivatha Blvd. - The biggest street in the city center, has everything most small cities have.

Charles de Gaulle (road to Angkor Wat - the future of Siem Reap? Lots of stores and big expensive hotels but mostly empty buildings waiting for tenants.