The Soup Dragon - Vietnamese breakfast and western food - corner of Pub Street and Tou Tnou Street

Siem Reap Town


Old Market
The best place to go shopping for inexpensive (and some not so inexpensive) souvenirs in Siem Reap. Also a good place to get backpacks, T-shirts, even tailored clothes, you are expected to bargain here, no one will take offence as long as you keep your sense of humour. There is also a vegetable market and places to eat, personally I prefer to eat a little upmarket but you can make up your own mind on that one.


Pub Street
There is something happening on this street 24 hours a day, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, massage parlours, it is the happening street in town, especially at night. No visit to Siem Reap is complete without visiting Pub Street and don’t be surprised if you end up coming to it at least once a day, if not twice.

Night Markets
These are essentially the same as the daytime markets except they operate at night.

Shopping Centers
There are now several modern shopping Centers in Siem Reap, they are still relatively small and selections are limited, but if you are craving some air-conditioning while you browse the souvenir shops or want to buy some groceries, they are the place to go.

Art Galleries
There are a great many art galleries in Siem Reap and there will be more, we will update this list as often as possible to stay current.

Not as many as there are art galleries but they are growing in number and quality, well worth visiting if you want to stay fashionable on the road.

It goes without saying that Siem Reap is a well known handicrafts centre, paintings, wood and stone carvings, fabrics, etc. Large and small workshops are spread around the Siem Reap area.