Siem Reap - Pub Street

Siem Reap - Pub Street - This street is wall to wall restaurants and bars, it does a brisk business from sunrise to sunset, but especially comes to life after the sun has gone down.

Pub Street is best known as a watering hole, but it has also many nice restaurants that won't break the bank. In town, there are entire streets catering for the traveler tastes with pizzas, hamburgers, and tasty westernised versions of Cambodian food such as Amok and 'Khmer curry'.

Pub Street is easy to find, but just in case you get lost any motorcycle taxi or tuk-tuk will know how to get there.

The Angkor What? is a good place to hang out if you take your drinking and partying seriously. As you can see the blackboard proudly proclaims that they have been "Promoting irresponsible drinking since 1998".

The most famous Pub Street bar of all, the famous Red Piano, local legend says that Angelina Jolie hung out here while shooting theLara Croft Tomb Raiders movie.