Siem Reap Food Shops & Market Food Stalls

Psar Kraoum Market - Khon Sakhon The - food shop

This market area is about a kilometer south from the traffic circle at the bottom of Sivatha Boulevard (next to the river). The main part of the market is off the road but the food stands are in the area that is directly on Psar Kraoum Road, not far from the Capitol Bus company office. If you are on the Angkor Night Market Street you can just go straight south (towards the lake) until you get to the market. There are many stands next to the road that sell various foods in plastic bags and foam-containers for take-out.


Khon Sakhon The's food shop at Psar Kraoum Market has become one of my favorite restaurants in Siem Reap. Over the years I have eaten at many restaurants in Siem Reap, some of them very expensive and very highly rated in international travel magazines and websites. Khon Sakhon The serves food in her small shop that is as good or better than those highly regarded restaurants, and at a very low price. The daily selection of food is prepared fresh for one meal in the middle of the day and is served from around 11 AM to 3 PM (or when the food runs out).


I think this meal cost me about US$3.50

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Siem Reap Old MarketThe Old Market is both a market and the name of the most popular tourist restaurant and shopping district in Siem Reap. Located at the southern end of Sivatha Boulevard on the Siem Reap River. The Old Market itself (Psar Chas in Khmer) is a combination of stalls selling souvenirs to the tourists and a full on traditional Khmer market selling rice, fruits, vegetables, spices, and a full variety of fresh meats from fish and chicken, pork, beef, etc., with all the aromas and smells of such a market included. There are also food stalls, where you can sit down and eat, on the outside perimeter and inside the food market area.