Angkor Road

Photography & Publishing Project

A Chong Khneas fisherman sitting in his house repairing his nets.

Chong Khneas

Chong Khneas could also be called the Siem Reap Port because it is the main entrance to Tonle Sap Lake and in turn to the Mekhong River that connects Siem Reap and the rest of Cambodia to Vietnam traveling south, and Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and China traveling north. As in the other towns bordering the vast Tonle Sap lake, a large number of the inhabitants are ethnic Vietnamese from the Mekhong Delta region.

A small boat with paddle power and a gasoline engine for longer trips.

A young girl being taken to school by her father.

A floating general store selling dry goods, beverages and gasoline for the boats.

A floating restaurant for tourist groups.

A television and radio store and repair station

A boat load of tourists going out to Tonle Sap