Angkor Road

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Kampong Khleang - Tonle Sap - Siem Reap

Kampong Khleang

At the time I took the picture of these kids, very few people had visited this village and these kids where as thrilled to see us as we were to see them. The water is at it's highest level here and the kids are actually standing in their front yard. During the dry season the water is at least fifteen feet lower and the canal we are on becomes a road.

Kampong Khleang is one of our favourite destinations for our Angkor Road Photo Expeditions and Workshops.

Boat docked at a floating gas station.

Laundry hanging out to dry on the lake.

Floating convenience store, comes direct to her customers.

Tonle Sap - Kampong Khleang - A fishermen heading out to Tonle Sap lake at sunrise.