Angkor Road

Photography & Publishing Project

May, 2009 - Kampong Phluk harbor area - the name means "harbor of the tusks"

Kampong Phluk

July, 2007 - the end of the dry season, during the wet season this entire area is covered in water, that rises up to 20 feet higher than it is here.

July, 2007 - Kompong Phluk is a commune and village in Siem Reap Province in northern-central Cambodia. It is a floating village on the Tonle Sap.

July, 2007 - a wedding in the center of the town’s main street

July, 2007 - The bride and her maids of honor

July, 2007 - The wedding feast on display

July, 2007 - My favorite place to stop for a cold drink

A recent visit to Kampong Phluk in March 2011, things are changing rapidly on the Tonle Sap

March, 2011 - The same small place I used to stop at for a cold drink, is now a guesthouse, restaurant and offers tourist boat services.

March, 2011 - Compared to 2007 the local wedding party has gone up quite a notch (in 2010 it was still the same as 2007)

March, 2011 - These young girls are obviously trying to show that they have a sense of style.

March, 2011 - Kids never change, who cares if your face and clothes are dirty, when you are having fun.